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Champions Sports Academy Vision and Mission

• 26 November 2023

We aim to fabricate a mindset in a generation that fundamentally believes that health and sports are a lifestyle and that one of the most important pillars in an individual’s success is having a healthy mind in a healthy body. We do so in synchrony with the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of creating a healthy and sportive society. We like to envision this new generation as qualified as possible to represent the youth in Saudi or Arabian leagues in European championships and International forums. Champions Sports Academy employs certified coaches and specialists in the field of Life coaching and diet to help our participants build healthy and strong bodies and minds. We work collaboratively as a team of qualified coaches and advisors to help our future champions build discipline and self confidence. Finally, we believe in interlacing the health of the body and mind and thus we continuously integrate extensive sport knowledge and physical and mental practice.

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