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  1. The participant must be between the ages of 4 and 18.

  2. All fields on the Champions Sports Academy registration form must be completed.

  3. The participant must be physically fit to play football.

  4. The parent or guardian must consent to and sign the terms and conditions of the academy.

  5. Champions Sports Academy has the absolute right to use photos of its players taken during training, matches or other activities, which can be used in all advertising, promotional and media channels.

  6. The academy has the right to refuse any applicant without giving reasons.

  7. The academy management has the right to cancel the membership of any player due to misconduct or non-compliance with the academy's instructions in terms of discipline, without any obligation to refund any of the subscription fees paid in advance.

  8. Champions Sports Academy requires full compliance with the official uniform to attend the academy's activities.

  9. Champions Sports Academy is not responsible for any injuries or deaths during training, matches or tournaments inside or outside the academy. The academy is also not responsible for the player's attendance or departure before or after training, and the player's guardian bears full responsibility.

  10. The academy is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings of participants and their families.

  11. The academy is not obligated to provide transportation throughout the player's subscription to the academy.

  12. No participant or guardian has the right to refund any part of the amount after subscribing and signing this form directly.

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