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Champions Sports Academy

Champions Sports Academy provides services within the school framework as part of the extracurricular activities and school programs, as well as hosting activities within the Academy’s facilities for outside activities.

We discover potential qualified talents by conducting regular field scans. We also set development programs to identify and improve specific participants’ skills under the supervision of a professional team.

Finally, we offer trips outside the Kingdom during Summer and Spring breaks and offer the chance for our young champions to represent KSA in different championships.

Champions Sports Academy adopts talents by providing scholarships under the supervision of Advanced Generations School for playing abroad in international scholarships. Moreover, camps in America and Europe are also part of our scope of adventures.

Different sport programs available with Champions Sports Academy include Football (which is the most popular sport in KSA), Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis, and Fitness programs for weight loss. Each program is designed to match the preferences of your students or your children, to grow their talents and enjoy their time in a healthy and constructive way.

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Champions Sports Academy is specialized in discovering and developing any potential talents in different sports games.


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